So loved

So loved

God loves us in many ways. One of the many ways is through the people around you. Have you ever wondered why some people are just so good to you? Have you ever wondered why some people would just lend you their shoulder whenever you needed one to cry on? Have you ever wondered why some people love you just the way you are?

Well, they don’t have to, you know. It’s their choice to love you or not. It’s their choice to be good to you or not.

I’m so grateful for having those people around me.

Thank you God, for loving me so unconditionally. Thank You for showing me that You’ll never stop loving me. Thank You for loving me through so many different ways, so that when I reject one, there is always a way for Your love to reach me.


Silently, the wind changes its course.

Without warning, without compassion.

Forcing the girl against her steps.

Driving her into an unknown direction.

She turns around, terrified.

Heart beating uncontrollably.

So fast, she thought it has stopped working.

So violently she lost her mind.

She runs without a direction.

Shouting like a helpless child.

Afraid that a beast might leap out.

And there, her heart might really stop beating.

She trips over a rock and falls.

Exhausted, she lies panting on the ground.

Tears falling, knee bleeding, heart giving up.

And behold, a ray of light shines on her cheeks.

She lifts her head up, and smiles.

“Daddy’s here. It’s time to go home.”

And a voice gently says.

“Come, come to me.

Don’t struggle, just let go.”

Go home.

Everything has finally come to an end and I’ll be starting class next week. Pray for me! 🙂

After the closing ceremony the year two seniors asked us to have lunch together. Honestly, I really didn’t want to go. Sighs, but I went along at last to avoid any trouble. They are seniors anyway. We went Pavilion and ate at Nando’s. Food was yummy. 🙂 Seniors are nice people but I still feel a barrier between us. Oh well, who cares. I am here because God puts me here to glorify Him, no other reasons.

I’m going home tomorrow morning! Been feeling so happy and excited. *Although home is just 20 minutes away =.= * LOL. And my iPhone 4s is already at home waiting for meeeee! 😀



Yay for God.

Yay for those who are going home! 🙂



I’m coming home, coming home.

Tell the world that I’m coming home.