Unspoken words

Had a gathering with two friends yesterday night. We were best friends in primary school, there was nothing we did not share with each other. I guess in some ways, we still are best friends now. Since we left primary school, we did not see each other. And after eight years, we just decided to meet up randomly.

It was a simple dinner. We talked about life and memories and dreams. It was so heart-warming yesterday. Even though it has been eight years, there is still something very familiar about everyone, though I can’t tell what. Maybe it’s just the way we talk, some special words we used to say and are still saying now, some gestures that remind you of the times in primary school, the laughter and the same old topic we like to talk about, the little things that we often neglect, but has unconsciously become a part of who we are.

Being blessed to have lived 20 years, I’ve learnt that good friends don’t necessarily have to see each other very often. True friends are the ones you’d still have heaps and heaps of things to share with even after..8 years? 🙂 I believe there are more 8 years to come.

And when life has bit by bit transformed us in some ways we could not tell, I believe real friends are the ones who can still tell who you really are, even if it remained unspoken.

I’ve learnt.

In an blink of eye, I’m already half past the second semester of my first year medical life. Which means, in less than four months, I’ll be a second year medical student! Choosing my own buddy! (That’s the best part haha!)

Is being a med student hard? Well, I wouldn’t say it’s easy. But it’s not hard either. What’s really easy in this life, anyway? I’ve survived this far, LOL. So you could guess it’s not that horrifying as it seems to be.

I thank God for my wonderful friends, always by my side. Making me laugh at nothing like an idiot, making me do crazy things like I’m normal, embarrassing me like it’s the best thing to do on earth. And still, I love them.

There will be a point in life when you realize there’s so much more to discover and enjoy in life than to settle down for the mundane, restricting stuffs. Stuffs that..will come itself in its right time. Stuffs that are not ought to be worried at this point of time in life. Stuffs that you’ll understand sooner or later when you’ve experienced enough.


Silently, the wind changes its course.

Without warning, without compassion.

Forcing the girl against her steps.

Driving her into an unknown direction.

She turns around, terrified.

Heart beating uncontrollably.

So fast, she thought it has stopped working.

So violently she lost her mind.

She runs without a direction.

Shouting like a helpless child.

Afraid that a beast might leap out.

And there, her heart might really stop beating.

She trips over a rock and falls.

Exhausted, she lies panting on the ground.

Tears falling, knee bleeding, heart giving up.

And behold, a ray of light shines on her cheeks.

She lifts her head up, and smiles.

“Daddy’s here. It’s time to go home.”

And a voice gently says.

“Come, come to me.

Don’t struggle, just let go.”

Small steps.

Have you ever heard of buddy line? It’s a very special system in university, only local uni I suppose. When you first enter uni as a first year student, your second year seniors will get to pick the ones they like to be their buddy. And when it’s your turn, you get to pick your own buddy! And the list goes on and on, forming a buddy line from the first year until the final year. Buddies are people who will help you throughout your whole university life, be it in your studies or any problems in life. What’s so special about it is that buddy relationship will never end. Even until you graduate and come out and work, your buddies will still be your buddies. Nothing can change that.

To be honest, when I first heard about this whole buddy line thing, I thought, “What lame thing is this? I don’t have time in uni for all this nonsense.” That was me, that was everyone before they enter uni. 

University literally flip my world upside down. Just three weeks here, and my point of view has totally changed. Buddy line is really meaningful, and I treasure it. Maybe it’s a sad thing for me. I know deeply how much I treasure my relationship with other people. One day, like it or not, we will have to say goodbye. Taking along everything we’ve been through, reminiscing the good old days. Although my buddies and I are not really close yet, I really treasure them like how I treasure my family. If anyone of you happen to see this, just know that you are important to me. 

I thank God for giving me my buddies. I thank God for giving me people who will strengthen my faith along this long long road. I thank God for giving me people who really take good care of me. I thank God for arranging everything so nicely for me. I thank God for sending people to inspire me. 


Little baby steps.



One step at a time.