So loved

So loved

God loves us in many ways. One of the many ways is through the people around you. Have you ever wondered why some people are just so good to you? Have you ever wondered why some people would just lend you their shoulder whenever you needed one to cry on? Have you ever wondered why some people love you just the way you are?

Well, they don’t have to, you know. It’s their choice to love you or not. It’s their choice to be good to you or not.

I’m so grateful for having those people around me.

Thank you God, for loving me so unconditionally. Thank You for showing me that You’ll never stop loving me. Thank You for loving me through so many different ways, so that when I reject one, there is always a way for Your love to reach me.

Unspoken words

Had a gathering with two friends yesterday night. We were best friends in primary school, there was nothing we did not share with each other. I guess in some ways, we still are best friends now. Since we left primary school, we did not see each other. And after eight years, we just decided to meet up randomly.

It was a simple dinner. We talked about life and memories and dreams. It was so heart-warming yesterday. Even though it has been eight years, there is still something very familiar about everyone, though I can’t tell what. Maybe it’s just the way we talk, some special words we used to say and are still saying now, some gestures that remind you of the times in primary school, the laughter and the same old topic we like to talk about, the little things that we often neglect, but has unconsciously become a part of who we are.

Being blessed to have lived 20 years, I’ve learnt that good friends don’t necessarily have to see each other very often. True friends are the ones you’d still have heaps and heaps of things to share with even after..8 years? 🙂 I believe there are more 8 years to come.

And when life has bit by bit transformed us in some ways we could not tell, I believe real friends are the ones who can still tell who you really are, even if it remained unspoken.


One day, we might be able to meet up and talk about old times.

Laughing at stupid arguments we once had.

Crying over hurtful decisions.


You know me so well.

And I could just be myself in front of you.

No hiding, no pretending.


Someday, when we see each other, please be yourself.

I can still be your best friend.

Your supporter.

Your shoulder to cry on.

I’ve learnt.

In an blink of eye, I’m already half past the second semester of my first year medical life. Which means, in less than four months, I’ll be a second year medical student! Choosing my own buddy! (That’s the best part haha!)

Is being a med student hard? Well, I wouldn’t say it’s easy. But it’s not hard either. What’s really easy in this life, anyway? I’ve survived this far, LOL. So you could guess it’s not that horrifying as it seems to be.

I thank God for my wonderful friends, always by my side. Making me laugh at nothing like an idiot, making me do crazy things like I’m normal, embarrassing me like it’s the best thing to do on earth. And still, I love them.

There will be a point in life when you realize there’s so much more to discover and enjoy in life than to settle down for the mundane, restricting stuffs. Stuffs that..will come itself in its right time. Stuffs that are not ought to be worried at this point of time in life. Stuffs that you’ll understand sooner or later when you’ve experienced enough.

Hope in the darkness

And so, the time has finally come.
Not surprised, not down.
A little disappointed maybe.

But come to think of it, I should actually be grateful.

With all the wrong I’ve done.
Silly mistakes only weaklings like me will make.
A silly girl that needs guidance every second of the day.

A faith shallow as the stream.
One glance, one stomp, one kick.
And you’ll rob it of its peace.

Could anyone be as lucky as me?
Having you in me, all the days of my life.

The author and finisher of my faith.
The unmovable rock.
The amazing grace.
The unending love.

My sweet loving Jesus.

The holiday

Hello, long time no see. 😀 Heh.

Been really busy for..well..everything. @@ I just finished my second module exam! Gah, don’t ever mention it in front of me again. =x And I still have AMSEP, AMSA Charity, marching for SUKEM, JWN. Argh!! You know..the whole AM- AM- thing is driving me crazy. I really don’t wanna log on to Facebook, if I do, I will see many notifications about AMSEP AMSA AMSEP AMSA AMSEP AMSA arghhhhh.

I promised Ly Er to update my blog two days ago, and this is what happens. Haha. Sorry~

Oh ya, I got B+ for my previous module. I hope I can do better next time. Look up to A, look higher to God! 🙂

It’s a really short break for me. A one week holiday suddenly feels like only three days. Shockingly, I’m not used to not studying everyday like I used to, when time is not enough and you have to negotiate with yourself.


If you want to nap now, you cannot sleep early at night.

If you cannot finish this chapter, you cannot sleep.

If you nap more than one hour, you have to skip dinner.

If you go down to cafe and have dinner, you have to eat biscuits for the next day’s lunch.

So. Torturous.

Oh well, I’m in a medical school after all. HAHA. I’m still happy despite it’s tiring. 🙂

Silly me.

I notice someone is stalking my blog. I mean, my another blog at Blogger. It’s freaking creepy. I know if you write a blog, people will definitely read it. But still, the feeling of someone reading every post you write is spooky. Well, I guess it depends on who… By the way, I am still wondering whether I should post the link to this blog at my Blogger.

It was Big Day at youth today, so glad that the two Loos (my sisters) went with me. 🙂 Joy sang one of her songs during worship today. It was so nice. I have to say, she is gifted. I really like it, too bad I can’t remember the lyrics now. I hope she’ll sing it tomorrow during service, or during next week Youth Sunday. 🙂

I got a random gift from my pastor today! So touched. Thank God for prompting me to approach pastor and to ask him about the book, or I wouldn’t get it, for free. I guess pastor also sensed something from God. Haha! God is ever so on time. With so many things I have to face lately, I am getting confused and I don’t seem to know my purpose in life. Of course my lovely Papa wouldn’t let me go astray. If you wanna know, the title of the book is “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren.



Sometimes it just makes me wonder, wouldn’t God be confused? Having to plan everything for everyone.

Silly me! He’s not just anybody, He is God! What kind of stupid question is that? LOL. Aren’t you glad that you have Him? 🙂



You are my safest place to be. You are where my tears would choose to go. You are where I can be myself. You are where I do not have to hide my sadness. You are where I do not have to pretend. You are where I wanna be.



Sometimes I would just smile, thinking that I have God.



A smile so assuring.

An assurance so comforting.

A comfort so, so warm.

Burning the midnight oil

Here I am, planning to burn the midnight oil with my whole stack of lecture notes blogging. LOL

Okay, okaaaaaay. I know I should be studying! But I just couldn’t resist the urge to write.

Today is quite a happy day because I’ve been chosen to be part of the organizing committee for AMSEP (Asian Medical Student Exchange Program). I passed my interview, got my first choice! =] Praise God. It has been raining for almost the whole afternoon and the whole night, managed to skip marching practice. Heheee. Speaking of marching, I was also chosen to be one of the flag bearers. Quite a happy thing because all I have to do is just to carry the flag and march, while the others have to do formation. *grins*

I think I’ve wasted my time long enough. It’s time to really study. Hahaa. Do pray for me. =] My exam is on next Monday.