About me

Who am I?

I am who I am.

I don’t need empty promises.

I don’t need false friends.

I like waking up in the morning without an alarm clock.

I like driving alone in my car.

I like watching the sun rise.

I like being deep in my own thoughts.

I like praise and worship.

I like catching elusive raindrops, yet I hate getting wet in the rain.

I like reading books on my bed.

I like hunting good food with the ones I love.

I like doing my own notes.

I like decorating my room.

I like travelling around.

I like puppies.

I like imagining my future.

I like shopping.

I like random stuffs.


I appreciate life and its simplicity.

The little things are what makes you happy.

A soft kiss on the forehead.

An embrace in times of need.

A hot shower before bed.

An ice-cream after dinner.

A gift out of nowhere.

A surprise on your birthday.

A correct answer in test.

A discount during shopping.

A short nap after class.

A smile from a stranger.

A smiley at the end of a text.

An unending love from Him.

I write

because one day I will forget it all.

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