Unspoken words

Had a gathering with two friends yesterday night. We were best friends in primary school, there was nothing we did not share with each other. I guess in some ways, we still are best friends now. Since we left primary school, we did not see each other. And after eight years, we just decided to meet up randomly.

It was a simple dinner. We talked about life and memories and dreams. It was so heart-warming yesterday. Even though it has been eight years, there is still something very familiar about everyone, though I can’t tell what. Maybe it’s just the way we talk, some special words we used to say and are still saying now, some gestures that remind you of the times in primary school, the laughter and the same old topic we like to talk about, the little things that we often neglect, but has unconsciously become a part of who we are.

Being blessed to have lived 20 years, I’ve learnt that good friends don’t necessarily have to see each other very often. True friends are the ones you’d still have heaps and heaps of things to share with even after..8 years? 🙂 I believe there are more 8 years to come.

And when life has bit by bit transformed us in some ways we could not tell, I believe real friends are the ones who can still tell who you really are, even if it remained unspoken.

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