I’ve learnt.

In an blink of eye, I’m already half past the second semester of my first year medical life. Which means, in less than four months, I’ll be a second year medical student! Choosing my own buddy! (That’s the best part haha!)

Is being a med student hard? Well, I wouldn’t say it’s easy. But it’s not hard either. What’s really easy in this life, anyway? I’ve survived this far, LOL. So you could guess it’s not that horrifying as it seems to be.

I thank God for my wonderful friends, always by my side. Making me laugh at nothing like an idiot, making me do crazy things like I’m normal, embarrassing me like it’s the best thing to do on earth. And still, I love them.

There will be a point in life when you realize there’s so much more to discover and enjoy in life than to settle down for the mundane, restricting stuffs. Stuffs that..will come itself in its right time. Stuffs that are not ought to be worried at this point of time in life. Stuffs that you’ll understand sooner or later when you’ve experienced enough.

Look to the bigger Him

Being a doctor isn’t going to be easy
But I’ll never give up
because it’s what I’m called to be
and it makes me happy.

I promise.
I’ll never give up.

Nothing’s too tough anyway
Because God is bigger
And I’m His beloved.