The I AM in me

Even when I couldn’t accept myself for who I am, He does.
I couldn’t think of any greater gift, than this unconditional love.
He takes away my shame and fills me with joy and acceptance.

Even when I couldn’t love myself for who I am,
He does.

Hope in the darkness

And so, the time has finally come.
Not surprised, not down.
A little disappointed maybe.

But come to think of it, I should actually be grateful.

With all the wrong I’ve done.
Silly mistakes only weaklings like me will make.
A silly girl that needs guidance every second of the day.

A faith shallow as the stream.
One glance, one stomp, one kick.
And you’ll rob it of its peace.

Could anyone be as lucky as me?
Having you in me, all the days of my life.

The author and finisher of my faith.
The unmovable rock.
The amazing grace.
The unending love.

My sweet loving Jesus.


Silently, the wind changes its course.

Without warning, without compassion.

Forcing the girl against her steps.

Driving her into an unknown direction.

She turns around, terrified.

Heart beating uncontrollably.

So fast, she thought it has stopped working.

So violently she lost her mind.

She runs without a direction.

Shouting like a helpless child.

Afraid that a beast might leap out.

And there, her heart might really stop beating.

She trips over a rock and falls.

Exhausted, she lies panting on the ground.

Tears falling, knee bleeding, heart giving up.

And behold, a ray of light shines on her cheeks.

She lifts her head up, and smiles.

“Daddy’s here. It’s time to go home.”

And a voice gently says.

“Come, come to me.

Don’t struggle, just let go.”

Love is in Your eyes

In Your eyes, I found the greatest prize

You and I could not be closer

And in Your arms, is everything I want

Now I know my search is over


I don’t know where You’ll take me

But it’s exactly where I wanna be


It’s where the stars line up

It’s when the oceans touch

It’s in a place you’ve never been that feels like home

It’s in the air right now

It’s when you give your all and give a little more

I’ve never been so sure

That’s where you find love